​Closet Ball April 8 at the Ramada Reno

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Reno's beloved Closet Ball will be held at the Ramada Reno on Saturday April 8. A boy becomes a girl and a girl becomes a boy.  Transformation is only an hour. Tickets are $10 at the door.  Read the story in the March 11 issue of therenogaypage.

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Spectrum's Spring Fling

OUR Center works on volunteers

AJR2 moves to Senate for consideration

Spectrum will host a Spring Fling social at Fine Vines, Cheese and Wines on Sunday March 19 from 5:30 pm to 8:30pm. For members it is $5 and non members $15, which includes a one year member ship. There will be a band fro dancing, hors d'oeuvers and libations.

OUR Center will be celebrating its one year in operation the end of April and according to Vice-President and Director of Programing Meredith Tanzer.  OUR Center honored its volunteers with Volunteer Appreciation night on February 24.

read the story in the March 11 issue of therenogaypage

A Night of Green Envy planned by Reno's Biggest Little Sisters

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Reno will host a solidarity march June 11 in conjunction of the National Pride March to be held in Washington DC

   Plans are believing developed 

A Night of Green Envy will celebrate the ninth anniversary of Reno's Biggest Little Sisters first manifestation as Sisters on March 18 at the Morris Burner Hostel. The event is a fund raiser for the Sisters Grant Fund.More information can be found on Reno's Biggest Little Sisters facebook page.

        Read the story in the March 11 issue of threnogaypage.

Reno will Rise June 11 in Solidarity

When AJR2 was presented on the assembly floor, there wasn't the passionate pleas for passage as in 2013 for SJR13.  Two Democrats spoke in favor and three Republicans cited their faith against. The bill passed the Assembly 27-14 as one Republican voted in favor. 

         Read the full story in the March 11  issue of therenogaypage.