QSU Drag Show

Reno's 29 year old student GLBT group at the University of Nevada will mark the 10th annual Drag Show on Friday, October 17 in the Joe Theatre. The annual event raises funds for the groups scholarship awarded each year.

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As expected the 9th District Circuit Court of Appeals three-judge panel ruled Nevada's constitutionally defined definition of marriage as unconstitutional on October 7 prompting a roller coaster of confusion better that an E-ticket ride at Disneyland. Nevada became the 26th state to allow same gender marriage and their recognition formally October 9.

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Love Won in Nevada

"You can't make any money here," one drag queen said. "Doing drag isn't cheap. It is hard to do drag get makeup, dresses wigs jewlry etc when everyone in this town says we can;t pay you its a benefit."

     The statement is true drag queens used to get to keep the tips they received but today, tips are all donated to whatever the cause happens to be.

     Drag Queens in New York City created the modern day GLBT Rights movement when they had had enough of being harassed by law enforcement and rioted at the Stonewall Inn in June 1969.

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      Reno used to be a big drag queen town when the casino cabarets and main showrooms had nightly shows and lots of entertainers.  Reno also had several drag bars where shows sometimes were even impromptu. Today no drag bar, less than a handful of drag queens, and far and few shows have changed the community.

Where have all the drag queens gone?


25th Annual AIDS Benefit Nov 22

There is still a need

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