Closet Ball 39 crowns Morgan Mae Blossom Queen

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Easter Basket Auction raises $8761

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Closet Ball saw three contestants have fun, which is what the event is all about Saturday April 8 at the Ramada Reno. 

 Read the story in the April 14 issue of therenogaypage.

At Our Center May 12 6:30 pm hosted by Joseph Graton

Sport, Health, Wellness Summit Saturday

Coming soon a weekly news and information program--Qmunity.

Games Monday Nights Through June at Reno Sports Complex

MilkMade nomination deadline May 1

One of the most successful Easter Basket Auction was held at the Patio on April 9 featuring 14 community baskets and many raffled baskets.

    Read the full story in the April 14 issue of therengaypage.

At the California Building in Idlewild Park May 19 6pm

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Being Health, in a state of wellness and being recrational will be the topic of discussion at the Sports, Health, Wellness Summit at OUR Center April 29 from Noon to 3pm 

        Read the story in the April 14 issue of threnogaypage.


The MilkMade Awards honor members of the GLBTIQA community. Nominations are through May 1.

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Our Center 

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