Equality and Unity March in Reno

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The annual MilkMade community Awards were presented at the .

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Reno Pride Sports

6th annual Harvey Milk Day celebration hosted by OUR Center. The people's choice Pasta source winner was also names.

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RPD Honor Guard presents Colors

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The Reno Police Department Honor Color Guard presented the Colors of three nations at the Silver Dollar Court's Coronation June 17 at Harrah's. More than 400 attended the annual event.

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to grow the GLBTQ+ community in recreational sports Reno Pride Softball has created Reno Pride Sports

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Nearly 400 people turned out in Reno on a wet and soggy day June 10 to participate in the National March for Equality and Unity on June 10.

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At Our Center July 14 6:30 pm hosted by Joseph Graton

The first pride celebration in Reno was June 20, 1987. It is 30 years later and pride isn't what it was when it started.

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MilkMade Awards given; Sauce Contest winners


Pride in Reno started 30 years ago in a park

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