Qmunity - it simply stands for the "Queer" Community a combination or uniting of two words to connect,  build, strengthen and inform the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and allied community in northern Nevada and the eastern Sierra. Qmunity is the parent of Peavine Mountain Media which publishes therenogyapage. 



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It's beginnings - - - - -
In October 1993 the first issue of Reno's own "gay" newspaper, SierraVoice, was published. The SierraVoice published monthly and  during its existence at times, twice a month, with special editions as warranted from October 1993 to December 2009. It was in a print form (1993-1998, 2002- Dec 2004, February-May 2006),  When not in print, Sierra Voice wes published online. SierraVoice established an internet presence in 1998 where it remains, redirecting now its successor. 

January 2010, therenogaypage begins

The Reno Gay Page (actually it is all one word) began publication in January 2010 after community pressure brought the publication to life, published monthly until October 2013,  It was planned that a print edition be re-established. After several months of planning, finding an affordable printer and working out the details - a print edition was published in April 2014,  Two days later the editor (the paper is a one man staff) lost sight in one of his eyes putting the paper's future in question.  Community pressure again brought the paper back as an online paper only. 

      therenogaypage does not have a set publication schedule and is published as there is enough news to warrant publication.

     There will be no print edition at this time, as the economy, a change in habits of members in the GLBTIQA community causes there not to be the advertising to financially support the paper. The paper is available in a .pdf form which can be downloaded and printed on a home computer from the home page.


Founded: 2010 (continuing SierraVoice 1993)

Owner: Peavine Mountain Media

‚Äč   Paco Lachoy, editor

phone; (775) 453-4058

email: renogaypage@gmail.com

facebook: therenogaypage

twitter: @RenoGayPage

Connecting, building, strengthening and informing the GLBTIQA community.